Friday, February 8, 2008

Here I am again

For all who read and none who reply(I'm just joking, Im sure nobody reads) I am just posting to say even if I do not post much in the future, I will always check just in case I get a visit from one of you. Even if it is only one person we can still help each other out in the accounting world, and I am positive we will both benefit from this. I know I am being obsessively compulsive about this, which is silly because I have never made a blog or even inputed on anyone else's blog. So if anyone stumbles upon me, and enjoy learning more as a tax accountant, feel free to stick around.

What this site is about

That is a sample of a question that could hopefully be answered on this page. For young people who are starting in the professional world, I believe this blog can be very helpful. Because there will usually be someone out there who can clarify what you are confused about. It is better sometimes to come from a person than from a textbook, certainly if there are multiple answers are it is a somewhat gray question. By creating this page, I want young people to help each other out, because it can be rough out there. Also, the only thing you really ever learn is the form when doing work. Hopefully here we can learn the substance as well.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Insurance policies on 1040

I just started in a CPA firm, and I am trying to get a grip on health insurance, life insurance, and HSA's, and when they are deductible or exempt on the 1040. Also, does anyone know of any books that might be of assistance being a beginner tax accountant. Thanks -Evan